Wounded Warrior Fish Camp, San Quintin, B.C.

3-7 October 2013

Fishing trip to San Quintin, Baja Mexico with one of America’s finest, a dedicated combat veteran, a soldier’s soldier with the stories and wounds to bear, Ruben Molinar, was a very special time.

We were able to get Ruben several species of fish, including his prized Bull Dorado, several Yellowtail, Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna, all first time catches! It was a true pleasure to do this trip with Ruben and a true honored to make such a friend! We enjoyed 3 full days of fishing on the Pacific Ocean waters out of San Quintin Bay in Baja Mexico, 350 miles south of the border.  San Quintin bay is a very special natural bay and fishery. 

Our days started as pre-dawn missions at 4am speeding the 15 or so miles through local communities and over the dirt road to the marina in Dave’s Hummer armed with tuna and jig sticks to meet our el capitan del panguero (panga captain).  From there we navigated the uncharted channel through 6 miles of bay and out to sea. Sunrise over the Baja Peninsula, as we headed out to sea, was quite a sight!

Mission leaders, Bill and Peggy Sophor invited us into their home for an evening of fellowship and a wonderful meal.  This was a very special time for all.

Every part of this trip to Mexico with Ruben was very special! Could never have enough special times like this! Hopefully Genesis Outdoors will be able to do many more of these types of trips with our special warriors that have served so valiantly and honorably! Thank you Ruben!! Let’s do something again!

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